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7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women

Many women in modern days strive to achieve the best in their physical condition. But when you start researching the best ways to lose weight, your head can start spinning with all the different “miracle” diets out there. It can be impossible to know which one to try.

The most important thing to do when adopting a new diet is to ask yourself these questions: Is it sustainable? Does it forbid certain foods including your favourites? Can you stay on this diet while socializing with your family and going to restaurants?

Therefore, here we are sharing the 8 best diet meal plans for women!

1. Mediterranean Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
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Based on the heart-healthy lifestyle of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, Mediterranean-style diets include healthy fats such as avocados, olive oil, nuts, and fish at least twice a week, plenty of beans, fruit, leafy greens, and whole grains, and even a daily glass of red wine. You can eat cheese in moderation, but limit the red meat to once or twice a week.

How it works for weight loss:

Though this diet’s primary appeal is in its numerous health benefits—it can lower your risk of both chronic disease and cognitive declineit can also lead to weight loss if you limit your calorie intake to 1,500 a day or less.

Studies have found that following either a traditional Mediterranean diet or a low-carb version of it can result in weight loss of about 5-10% of body weight over 12 months.

And that weight stays off—a recent British study found that for people who had lost large amounts of weight, those who consumed a Mediterranean-style diet were twice as likely to keep it off.

2. DASH Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
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The low-sodium Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet was designed as a way to help people control their blood pressure without using drugs, though a few books have used it as a basis for a weight-loss diet. DASH emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or non-fat dairy and limits saturated fat and dietary cholesterol.

How it works for weight loss:

You will certainly improve your health with this diet, and if you restrict calories while following DASH’s heart-healthy rules, you can lose weight and lower your blood pressure.

A recent study found of obese older adults found that those who followed the DASH diet lost weight and decreased body fat, along with many other health benefits.

With the DASH diet, you are getting the anti-inflammatory, high fibre, heart-healthy benefits, and if you use a personalized, calorie-limited plan, you can absolutely lose weight.

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3. Vegan Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
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Going a step further than the traditional vegetarian diet, vegans shun all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and honey. While many choose this lifestyle for ethical or environmental reasons, some people look to the vegan diet for weight loss as well. And with the new era of plant-based meats, going vegan is easier than ever.

How it works for weight loss:

Just going vegan will not necessarily help you drop the weight. After all, candy, pasta, and potato chips can all fall under the vegan label without being particularly healthy or low-cal.

If you eat high-quality vegan food, like leafy greens and plant-based proteins, you can lose more weight than either vegetarians or omnivores. Studies confirm that those on a plant-based diet have a lower average BMI than those who eat animal products.

A 2020 Australian study came to the interesting conclusion that vegans and vegetarians are more likely to stick with the diet over the long run than those on diet plans such as Paleo, because they were motivated by ethical and moral beliefs rather than just weight-loss.

4. Flexitarian Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
Image Credit: vaaseenaa from Getty Images

Whereas the vegan diet goes one step beyond vegetarianism, the Flexitarian diet takes it one step back. This is a very pro-plant diet, but it gives you the flexibility to have a hot dog, or to eat some turkey. There are no strict calorie limitations.

How it works for weight loss:

By filling your plate with more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and plant proteins, and sticking with the low-cal plan, you can lose weight and improve your health.

A recent review found that people who followed a flexitarian diet had lower BMIs and lower rates of metabolic syndrome than people who regularly ate meat.

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5. Intermittent Fasting

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
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There are a few different ways to do the intermittent fasting plan: Some people eat whatever they want 5 days a week, then consume a very low calorie diet (usually around 500 calories) on the other 2 days; others restrict their eating to an 8-hour window every day. Say, eating unlimited food between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and fasting for the other 16 hours.

How it works for weight loss:

By limiting your overall calories consumption, you’ll take off the pounds. There is some evidence that this diet can also increase your metabolism rate and have other positive health effects.

A 2015 meta-study found that people who did intermittent fasting lost about the same amount of weight as those who did a regular calorie-restricted diet.

6. Volumetrics Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
Image Credit: viperagp from Getty Images

Consistently rated as one of the best diets by U.S. News & World Report, the Volumetrics diet was created by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at Penn State University.

The strategy here is simple: Fill up on foods that provide the most nutrition for the least amount of calories. Foods are divided into four categories, from least energy-dense (fruits, non-starchy vegetables, broth-based soups) to most energy-dense (crackers, cookies, chocolate, nuts, and butter); dieters plan their meals to include as many of the lower-density foods as possible.

How it works for weight loss:

The maths here is simple—the fewer calories consumed, the more weight you’ll drop. A 2016 study found a significant association between low-energy-density diets and weight loss.

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7. Plant-Based Diet

7 Best Diet Meal Plans for Women
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Similar to a Flexitarian diet, a plant-based diet does not have any super-strict rules: You just focus on eating whole foods derived from plants most of the time, with wiggle room for the occasional piece of chicken or scrambled egg.

You’re basically taking the standard American diet—which features a big hunk of meat in the centre of the plate, with a few vegetables scattered on the side—and flipping that around, so vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and whole grains, are the star of the show, and beef, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy only make small, cameo appearances when you have a true craving.

How it works for weight loss:

Plant-based foods tend to be higher in fibre and lower in fat than animal products, keeping you filled up for fewer calories.

According to a large study, overweight and obese adults who followed a plant-based diet for six months lost an average of 26 pounds.

Interested in Getting the Best Diet Meal Plans for Women?

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