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Mary Lim

She is from Singapore and graduated from the Prescott College of Nutrition in the UK. She has 17 years of clinical nutrition experience. She has worked in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan and has accumulated rich clinical experience.

  • Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, DCHM Holistic Medicine School of Holistic Medicine in Europe •
  • Dean of China, a major member of the Cambridge Global Centre for Nutrition and Health (NNedPro), UK, responsible for establishing, leading and supporting NNedPro’s international Northeast Asia regional network, including Southeast Asia, China and the Far East
  • Founder of 3R and 5A Health Management Center
  • British Professional Nutrition BSc(Hons) Nutrition
  • ISO internal quality audit. Lloyd registered quality assurance inspector
  • 2018 Top Ten Annual Figures in China’s Nutrition and Health Industry

Technical research:
Precise weight management, tumor cancer nutrition intervention, postoperative nutrition rehabilitation, all-round chronic disease prevention and conditioning, intestinal flora research, 3R International Intervention System

Major achievements:

  • The highest record of 1152 lectures in a year
  • 2011-2013 provided nutrition consulting services at the Presidential Office of Taiwan
  • Chief Nutrition Lecturer of China Taiping Insurance and China Life
  • The first foreign dietitian to promote scientific vegetarianism in the Queensland Parliament, Australia
  • Train more than 100,000 family health officers and nearly 1,000 clinical nutritionists
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