iHealthy Asia

Founded on Passion

Chairman Zhang Yun

Chairman Zhang Yun is an elite financial investment enterprise from Hong Kong! Knowing that true wealth is not money but health!

From investing in biotechnology, natural therapies, to creating a life diet, diet therapy has always firmly believed that “health comes from eating!”
Having been vegetarian for more than 20 years, she founded [De Xiaoxian] The Fresh Well! Combine smart technology with nutritious ingredients! Led a team of nutritionists + chefs to create more than 2,000 kinds of dishes such as seasonal meals, vitality meals, physical meals, and chronic disease meals.

In order to drive more people to promote the health and diet business, she led the investment bank team to build a new social retail platform on the Internet, hoping to empower more physical stores to link to the Internet of Things supply resources, and jointly create each member’s own [得小鲜] Career helps more families, take the initiative Health, stay away from disease, do our best for health. China Guangzhou Dexiaoxianyun Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2018 and is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Dexiaoxian Group.

Modernized central kitchen and catering retail platform, realizing Chinese food standardization, Internet upgrade, retail transformation, and focusing on diet and healthy eating for 17 years.

Achieved a capital valuation of 120 million yuan in 2018, which is highly sought after by many capitals.

In 2019, it successfully occupied the southern China market such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, quickly landed in 35 physical stores, accumulated hundreds of thousands of iron fans, and achieved a valuation of 500 million yuan

In 2020, by joining forces with 10 star cities across the country to develop 100 city CEOs, in different cities, the goal is to achieve a scale of 490 million a year.

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